What is a Root Canal?

18 Jan

Root canals also known as endodontics is a procedure preformed on teeth that the nerve supply has become infected or has died due to injury or other causes.

  • During a root canal the dentist will place what is called a rubber dam on the affected tooth. This covers the rest of the mouth exposing only the tooth being worked on and protects the area from bacteria and saliva during the procedure.
  • Once the rubber dam is placed a small hole is drilled into the pulp chamber, so that we can begin cleaning out and enlarging the root system. This is done with a small file system along with medicinal rinses.
  • When the canals have been cleaned out they are sealed and filled with a material called Gutta Percha. This material will take the place of the nerve in the tooth.
  • A temporary filling is then placed and the patient is asked to come back in three weeks to see how the tooth has settled.
  • At the three week appointment a permanent resin filling is place.

It is recommended that all teeth that have had root canal treatment are eventually crowned. Crowning a root canal tooth gives the tooth added strength to help protect against breaking in the future.