What Are Dental Caries?

3 May

Dental caries is another name for dental decay or cavities. They are influenced by your lifestyle; things you eat, how you care for your teeth, if there is fluoride in the water you drink, as well as genetics.

Common Types of Caries:

  1. Coronal Cavities: These cavities are found between the teeth and on the biting surfaces. They are the most common type of cavity found in children and adults due to the pits and grooves that teeth naturally have
  2. Root Cavities: These are found on the root surfaces. Cavities can form on the root surface when a patient has had recessions. These recessions leave the root surface uncovered, and since this portion of the teeth is not covered by enamel they are more at risk
  3. Recurrent Decay: These are found around existing fillings. This is because these areas may have a tendency to accumulate plaque, which can ultimately lead to decay if not properly cared for.

How to prevent caries?

  • brushing at least twice a day as well as flossing
  • avoiding too many sugary foods
  • drinking water that has fluoride in it
  • brushing with a fluoride tooth paste
  • having regular dental check ups

Some caries can present with hot, cold or sweet sensitivities, this however is not always the case. If you have a concern or question please contact us today.