What Are White Spots?

12 Jul

    HAVE YOU EVER NOTICED white spots on your own or someone else’s teeth? When we think of stains, we usually think of dark colors, but stains on teeth can just as easily be whiter than the surrounding area. These … Read More »

What are your summer plans?

4 Jul

  SUMMER IS UPON US, and that means snow-cones, sitting poolside, and having endless barbecues. We love the summer and want to share a few of the fun things our team has planned to beat the heat during these next few … Read More »

What Are Dental Caries?

3 May

Dental caries is another name for dental decay or cavities. They are influenced by your lifestyle; things you eat, how you care for your teeth, if there is fluoride in the water you drink, as well as genetics. Common Types … Read More »

What is a Root Canal ?

18 Jan

Root canals also known as endodontics is a procedure preformed on teeth that the nerve supply has become infected or has died due to injury or other causes. We will first make sure that you are numb so that there … Read More »

Dental Care for Children

21 Jul

Your baby finally gets her first tooth that you have been waiting for! Those sleepless nights, and cranky days have all lead up to this first big moment. As a new parent most have questions around this time. How do I … Read More »

Can you guess who is back????

21 Jul

  Can You Guess Who is Back?!?!?!   We would like to welcome Leanne back to the office after her year off with her second baby girl. She has been with us for almost 10 years and returns to an exciting new … Read More »