How to get a whiter smile in 7-10 days!

7 Mar

Is your smile not as bright as it once was? Let us help you brighten your smile.

At Trafalgar Ridge dental we offer a take home whitening kit.

  • At the first appointment: Impressions are taken of your teeth
  • Those impression are then poured up in our lab and custom trays are formed
  • At the second appointment: The patient tries in the trays to ensure a proper fit, and instructions are given on how to use the system at home.

Frequently asked questions:

Will this whitening damage my teeth? Your enamel is one of the strongest tissues in your body. The whitening solution creates a chemical reaction with the second layer beyond the enamel (dentin) removing any staining and brightening the shade without removing any enamel structure. 

Why should I use this system over white strips? Our take home whitening  trays are customized to the shape of your teeth. Making them easier to use and more comfortable for the patient. Because they are fitted to your teeth the material is able to spread over all surfaces giving you an even whitened look.

I have sensitive teeth can I still whiten? YES! We will give you personalized instructions to help with the sensitivity that may happen with whitening. These include, brushing with sensitive tooth paste prior to and during treatment, using the trays every other day instead of everyday. The beauty of doing it at home is that it can be done based on your schedule.

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